Administration & Support

Education & Welfare

As an accredited “Investor in Young people”, We believe that success in football  goes hand in hand with a positive approach to all areas of academic progress, and so we seek to support our players in their mainstream school studies and also to offer additional opportunities where they may be available, in College, University or training courses.

Our approach to the education & welfare of a player covers the 4 key areas of

  • Supporting Educational Opportunities
  • Liaising with Schools & Families
  • Promoting Personal Development
  • Safeguarding Young People

In supporting parents and carers, as well as our young footballers, we recognise that it takes  a partnership to ensure that adolescents not only achieve their potential but also maintain a balanced and healthy approach to all areas of their life. With home, school, and club working together, the young person’s chances of  success in all parts of their life, while meeting the challenges of adolescence, are greatly enhanced.

The Hibernian Academy acknowledges its responsibility towards the holistic development of young players. The progress of the whole individual is never compromised by the focus placed on technical advance. Emphasis is placed on the player continuing his education and personal development. Our players are individuals and are treated as such, not bracketed into one set educational discipline.