Please see below answers to some common questions for players and parents.

Q – My son has been invited to attend a training night at Hibernian. What does this mean for him and me, his parent?

A – Firstly it means that your son has been identified by our player ID team as someone with potential. To allow our technical coaching staff the opportunity to work with him at close quarters, we would like him to attend a weekly Academy squad training session for his age group. Before coming in we will speak with his club and you to agree a convenient day and time to train.  We would welcome you to attend with him and you are able to watch each session if you wish.

Q – My son wants to come along but is worried he won’t be able to train or play for his club /school. He enjoys training and playing with his friends and he doesn’t want to let them down. Does he have to stop playing for his club?

A – Absolutely not. Firstly we will agree a day and time that suits all parties. Ideally our squads will train at times that will allow the player to train both with his club and one day a week with Hibernian. His club sessions will take priority and training at Hibernian will not interfere with his game preparation. When we wish to see your son in a game situation we will liaise closely with his club to agree a date that, should there be a clash with your son’s club fixtures, his club coach feels able to release him for that day without any detriment to his team.

Q – What’s expected of me?

A   Players are expected to continue to work hard in training and matches with their own club – and also show a desire and good work ethic when attending Academy coaching sessions.

Q – How long will the training sessions last before we know what is happening?

A – There is no fixed period of time. The period he spends with us is as long as Hibernian and you, the parent, think is appropriate. We will aim to arrive at a collective agreement on the best way to proceed. Throughout his time with us we will keep a dialogue with yourself and his club coaches.

Q – Will we be kept informed about how he is doing?

A – Yes. It is important that you, your son and his club feel that you are being updated on how he is doing. The coaches will take time to let me know informally how I am progressing. You should feel comfortable about asking them for feedback. Twice a year we have a more formal feedback session with you and your parents.

Q – What happens at the end of these training sessions?

A – We have a number of options here. Again any decisions taken will be following discussion with you, your son and his club. Should we believe that your son would benefit from joining the Hibernian Academy we would look to agree a suitable date for him to transfer his registration. In most cases It would be our preference to wait until the end of the current season. This is being fair to his club and team mates. If we believe that it would be better at this stage of your son’s development to continue his football with his local club, we would simply agree an end to the regular training sessions. Our player ID team would continue to monitor your sons’ progress and keep us informed.


Please see below answers to some common questions for youth club coaches.

Q – Hibernian has asked that one of my players go and train with them. How does this work?

A – Firstly we will agree a day and time that suits all parties. Our squads train at least 3 times a week so Ideally there will be a day and time  that will allows the player to train both with his club and also a day a week with Hibernian. His club sessions will take priority and training at Hibernian is not intended to interfere with his game preparation.

Q – Does the player have to stop training and playing with his pals?

A – No, indeed we believe that it is important that he continues to do this.

Q – He’s one of our best players. If you want to sign him will he have to leave mid season? We’d all miss him!

A – We do not believe it to be in the players’ or club’s best interest for him to leave you mid season. As I said above, we want the player to continue to enjoy playing for his local club and with his friends. It is also important that we support your club and we do not think that taking away one of your players when you are involved in important matches would be helpful. Ideally we would work together to agree when the player would move registration. This would normally be at the end of your club season. There may be an occasion when this happens earlier but this would not happen without careful consideration and agreement of both clubs and the family. At all times the welfare and football development of the player will be the primary driver in this type of decision.

Q – Don’t pro youth academies just mess kids about? He’s probably going to come back to me disappointed and I’ll be left to pick up the pieces.

A – It is important that we all, the Academy, the player, the parents, do not set any unrealistic expectations. The player is coming in to experience what our Academy is like. We have a policy that we will only extend this invitation to players who we genuinely believe have the necessary ability, aptitude and potential to have a career in senior football. The player is not on “trial” and this will be fully explained to him and his family. We hope that his time with us will be an enjoyable experience, free from pressure and expectation.

Q – Why should I trust Hibernian to do the right thing? It’s probably easier if he just didn’t go.

A – Trust has to be earned and in many ways we won’t know the answer to that until we have tried. We want to work with yourself and all our local clubs, not against them. If we do not act accordingly we can have no complaint when clubs do not want to work with us. We have a shared aim of wanting to work with local young footballers and help them enjoy the game and maximise their potential. The vast majority will play the game recreationally, however on occasion we will identify a young player who could have the potential to make a career from professional football. It is this player that we hope you will allow us to work with and, whilst in the short term it may indeed be “easier “ for him to remain with you, we would hope that together we can make the correct decisions for the young player.

Q – Will he play in games for Hibernian while he is training with you?

A – Yes, but again only with the agreement of his club and family. We are fortunate that the Club Academy Scotland (CAS) programme allows a player to play unregistered on ten occasions. This gives us a great deal of flexibility. We would plan his games around your fixture list and if fixtures clashed, we would ask you when he could be spared.