Our Standards

It is necessary to ensure that all players, parents and guardians agree and adhere to our standards by signing a declaration to this effect. The role of the parent is critical in the enforcement and adherence to the standards as it has been proven that they have a significant influence on their child’s attitude towards team mates, opposition players, managers and coaches, match officials and spectators.

Players Charter

Players must attend all training sessions and games at the times instructed by the coach.

Any player who is unable to attend training or games for any reason should phone the coach prior to any absence or late occurrence.

Players must demonstrate conduct appropriate to that of a Hibernian player at all times, both on and off the pitch, and set a positive example to others, particularly our younger players.

Players should not use inappropriate language at the training ground or at any match venues.

Players should ensure that they always have the correct club kit for training sessions and games.

Players must never berate opponents or opposition officials.

Make every effort to be consistent with fair play and the laws of the game and must not question match officials’ decisions by showing dissent.

It is important to abide by instructions of the coach and any Hibernian Football Club official.

Players should always show due respect to the interests of supporters/spectators.

Players should always abide conduct guidelines for the use of the internet, social networking and new media technology

Parents Charter

We request that parents are responsible in their behaviour at Academy training and at games and request that they adhere to the following:

Parents should not coach any player during a game.

Parents must not use inappropriate language.

Parents should refrain from shouting at all times.

Parents encourage all players

Parents should not question club coaches or officials in public during a match. (Should any parent wish to discuss a decision they should make an appointment to do so on a training evening.)

Parents should not question match officials’ decisions.

Parents should familiarise themselves with the Players Charter and we ask for your support and encouragement particularly in the following areas:



Academy Kit

Responsible use of the internet, social networking sites and new media technology.