Performance Analysis

The primary focus of the Performance Analysis provision at the football club is to stimulate and enhance our player’s game understanding and self-development. Players will be exposed to technical, tactical & physiological feedback to help them improve.

Young player’s in our academy will benefit from:

  • State-of-the-art performance analysis facilities at HTC
  • Weekly highlights packages available on SportsOffice & in the Performance Analysis Suite at HTC
  • Weekly debrief sessions delivered by coaches/analysts (game-related video & statistical feedback)
  • Dedicated team of knowledgeable analysts on hand to deliver individual/best practice clips for each player as requested

Performance Analysis, as a discipline, has a role to play in many of the programmes within the Academy (outside of coaching staff/players). Medical staff can use PA to determine the mechanism of an injury or our Sport Scientist’s to pre-empt injury by assessing/correcting technique or physical imbalances.