Invite to train

If you are reading this as a young player who has been given the opportunity to train, as a prospect, or play as a registered player with the Hibernian Academy, then congratulations for attracting the eye of our recruitment team.

For the parents of young players, we appreciate that you and your son will always have choices regarding your sons continued development as a footballer. Making an informed decision will lay a strong foundation on which he can build a potential career as a professional footballer.

Throughout this website we hope you will find the answers to all of your questions and more importantly be given the comfort that by choosing Hibernian your son will be well looked after and given the support and encouragement required to ensure that he develops to his full potential, not only as footballer, but as a young person.

Finally, you may be reading this as a coach of a youth club team or as a helper at a school or indeed someone who has an interest in promoting youth football in Scotland. The Club would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time and interest that you devote to our national sport and for any assistance you have given Hibernian Football Club in this very important aspect of our work

Recommended players will be invited to take part in a training period within the Academy and are identified by our player ID team as someone with potential. To allow our technical coaching staff the opportunity to work with them at close quarters, we usually agree with the player & parent, and his youth club, for the player to attend an Academy squad training session once per week.

A player engaged in this training period will be termed a PROSPECT , someone we define as a potential player and/or a person regarded as likely to succeed.

We believe PROSPECTS accurately describes the Academy’s approach to its selection process, and reflects our expectation of the player who will attend theses sessions.


You have been selected for this training period because our ID Scouts have identified you as having potential beyond your peers at this stage, and we would like to offer you the opportunity to experience training sessions with our age group in the Hibernian Academy.  We will assess your work-rate, desire to improve and how you would adapt to playing “the HIBS way”  to progress through our Academy pathway throughout your time with us.


We ask that you respect the staff and players within the Academy, and work hard to show them the skills and ability that brought you here.  If you don’t understand or aren’t sure of anything – please ask!

We want to help to shape players that are resilient.  Resilient people are able to withstand difficulties, and recover quickly from situations that don’t go their way.   Making mistakes is Ok – show us that you are willing to forget about your mistakes quickly, and continue to work hard to help your team-mates.


This training experience is an opportunity for you to experience a different environment than your current youth club.  Please relax, enjoy it, and always give of your best in every session.


Please continue to show the skills and attributes that attracted the eye of our ID scouts.  You have been invited in because our staff saw you performing well with your Club.  We hope that you will learn new skills whilst you are with us, but it is important that you continue to play in the same manner you do for your current Club. 


Our coaches will give you feedback on your performance in training/games whenever you ask for it. We are determined to create a relaxed environment where you can enjoy the training sessions and matches – results are not as important to us as an individual player’s desire to improve his performance through hard work and desire.


You will be encouraged by our staff at all times, and we hope you will also be encouraged to enjoy this experience and allow us to help develop you as a player along with your youth club and school.


You should take confidence from the fact you have been selected for this opportunity. Our staff will provide you with an environment which challenges you, and you should also be confident in giving of your best, and improving through the challenges you’ll face.


We will have an agreement with your club as to how many training sessions you will attend. There may be times we ask you to attend additional sessions and/or play in matches. This will always be done with the agreement of your club. 


Success for us is creating an environment in our Academy where players and staff demonstrate a desire to improve themselves constantly. Please make the most of this opportunity, and we sincerely hope you enjoy it!