Safeguarding in Sport

The Hibernian Academy takes seriously the responsibility for young people’s wellbeing and safety while they are in the care of the club.  The provision of footballing and education opportunities is part of this responsibility, as is the need to be structured and efficient in the enacting of child protection guidelines and the vigilance to be aware of concerns.

There are legal implications associated with the club’s duty to safeguard. However, the whole ethos of the Academy, and of the people who work there, aims to install a confidence in parents and carers, as well as the young players, that the Hibernian Training Centre is a safe and welcoming place to go, that they will be afforded a welcome when they visit or train there, and that each individual will be valued by the club and treated with respect.

This confidence should extend to an understanding that, should parent or child have any concerns about any activities or individuals, they are encouraged to approach a coach, the Head of the Academy, the Education and Welfare Officer, a senior member of Academy staff or the Club’s Safety Officer.

The Education &Welfare Officer, the Head of Human Resources and  the Safety Officer all have Child Protection Guidelines training, but parents and carers should be confident in approaching senior staff at the club with whom they have regular contact, or reporting any concerns via the NSPCC helpline, Police Scotland or the local Social Services department.

The wellbeing and safety of young players is of primary importance to Hibernian FC and the club welcomes cooperation in safeguarding and encouraging young people to a positive experience.