Technical Coaching

The Technical Coaching team train, develop and challenge players through the curriculum and games programme.

As teachers, our coaches support and encourage the players to take ownership of their own development and provide them with the guidance and learning opportunities for each of them to achieve their potential.  Our players, including prospects, are constantly assessed against our mantra to train and play “the HIBS way”.  Whilst there is a difference in emphasis as players progress through the age groups, “the HIBS way” guides all that we do.  

H – Stands for Hard-Work. It is important that we see players, irrespective of age, willing to work hard and give of their best– especially when they are disappointed, perhaps through a mistake, the team has lost a goal or they are not in the starting XI or playing in their favourite position.  Hard-Work and ability to show resilience are key factors in any athlete reaching the top in their chosen sport. Players must be willing to persevere.

 I – Stands for Intelligence.  This is sometimes a difficult skill to quantify, but it relates to things like movement off the ball, ability to see a pass – even if the execution isn’t quite accurate – willingness to listen, understand, and carry out instruction, and anticipating actions happening in the game before they materialise.

 B – Stands for Ball-Mastery.  This is the technical aspect of the game that our Technical plan defines as critical for each age group and stage of the developmental process.  Each player invited to the Academy has a degree of technical ability.  Some will show a good range of passing, or a good first touch, or an ability to cross well or shoot accurately.  Whilst it is important that players are aware of their technical strengths and continue to work to improve them, more important is that players are aware of their technical skill set where improvements could be made and work on these areas.  A good example of this is that we want to produce players for our first team who can show technical ability with both feet so it is essential that players develop this key attribute.

S – Stands for Speed.  This isn’t just about how fast you can run but also speed of thought. It relates to your athletic and mental skills which will help you as you grow and get older.  Our Football Medicine & Science department have devised a plan to help you develop these skills relevant to your age and stage of development. Where a player is in relation to their growth and maturation is key and helps us assess which age group a player might be best training/playing with for optimum development.